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Protect & Track

Before we dive into the Virtru SDK's features, try our Protect & Track Demo to see the Virtru SDK at work. With this fully-hosted demo, you won't need to worry about doing any setup in advance.

The objectives of this Protect & Track Demo are to show how easily one can encrypt, protect, audit, and track your most sensitive assets using the Virtru SDK, and leveraging Virtru's Infrastructure for Authentication, Encryption and Key Management, and Policy Management.

Split Knowledge Architecture

The Virtru Developer Platform does not have access to the clear text or encrypted TDF file, hence ensuring split knowledge.

Try It Live

You can play around with the demo here to understand how to protect a file. You can also download the source code below.

This demo uses the Virtru SDK for JavaScript to:

  • Encrypt files in the browser.
  • Apply protections such as Expiration, Revocation, Watermark, etc.
  • Add recipients of these files to the policy so that they can decrypt the files.

How to Use the Protect & Track Demo

Step 1: Drag a File to Protect and Track

Say you want to protect your sensitive tax documents before sending it to your accountant. Or, you might want to protect a medical report before sharing with your insurance company. Using Virtru you can upload these sensitive files safely, and securely.

Drag a file you want to protect.

Drag a file you want to protect.

Protect and Track Demo: File Size

Even though the Virtru SDKs support protecting very large files, the "Protect and Share" demo application only supports protecting files < 1MB.

Step 2: Add Policy Participants

In this use case, the user is protecting the file Earnings Sheet.pdf to eventually share with In the "SDK calls" box, you can see the calls being made to the Virtru SDK for JavaScript. This would be an easy way to note what SDK calls you need to make when you are building your own Virtru SDK integration.

Add users that need to have access to this file.

Add users that need to have access to this file.

Step 3: Sign In

Click on Sign In to Protect button. This triggers authentication. Upon authentication, the file is encrypted and protected by the app. Here, is logging in so that she can encrypt, protect, and track the file.

Authenticate using one of the supported authentication schemes

Authenticate using one of the supported authentication schemes

Adding Authentication

Check out the How to Add Authentication guide for an authentication deep-dive. Virtru also has a simple authentication widget (currently in Beta) that you can easily embed into your site. Contact Support for more information on the Virtru Auth Widget.

Step 4: Protect a File

After authenticating, clicks Protect File to encrypt the file. This encrypts the file and creates a protected .tdf version of the file. As you can see is the owner of the file. Note the tracked events displayed in the top right corner.

You can also add Virtru controls such as Expiration, Disable Re-Sharing and Watermarking to the file.

The file is fully protected with keys sync'd to Virtru Key Management Infrastructure.

The file is fully protected with keys sync'd to Virtru Key Management Infrastructure.

Encryption and Controls

Use the following links to learn:

Step 4: Share with Participants

The protected file is now ready to be shared via trusted or untrusted channels. can share the file via these sharing options:

Upload to public cloud content providers to share.

Upload to public cloud content providers to share.

Step 5: Recipient Opens the File

This demo app shares the .html version of the TDF with Cloud Content Providers (see File Formats). When receives the file, he can simply double click the file to open the file in Virtru Secure Reader. Also see How to Open a TDF

Step 6: Owner Tracks the File

Most importantly, the owner of the file can track when opened the file., the owner, can revoke or expire the file. More importantly, if the file was inadvertently or maliciously shared and accessed, will be able to track that in the "Tracked Events" section of this demo, or in the "Files" section of the Virtru Dashboard.

For example, when tried to access the file, her access was not only denied, but the owner of the file was also made aware of the access attempt.

Access requests tracked by the owner.

Access requests tracked by the owner.

Step 7: Revoke Policy

Once the purpose of sharing the file is served, owner of the file can Revoke the file. This will ensure that and any other users with whom this file was shared with cannot decrypt the file any more.

Manage Access via Virtru Dashboard

Once a file is protected, you can continue to manage and track that file in the Virtru Dashboard.

Protect & Track

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