Quick Start: Python

Virtru Python SDK allows you to protect your files and apply policies on them so you can share them with your friends and still have control over the files.

Here is how you get started using the SDK in your application.

Step 1: Download the SDK

Follow the links for your specific platform to download the zip containing the python module.

Mac    |    Windows    |    Linux

About The Virtru Python SDK

The Virtru Python SDK is compatible with Python 3.6 or higher. SDK Docs are available here.

Step 2: Unpack to Explore Contents

When you unpack the archive, you will see something like this:

Virtru Python SDK file structure

Virtru Python SDK file structure

Step 3: Follow the README.md File

Open the README.md file for detailed instructions on how to install the Virtru python module. Once the Virtru python module is installed, execute the sample program virtru_sample.py to see how files can be encrypted, decrypted and how Virtru protection is applied.

Getting Help

There are many ways to get help:

  • You can join Virtru Developer Hub Community Slack channel to get your questions answered.
  • You can open a support ticket here.

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Quick Start: Python

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