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Virtru was founded on the core belief that privacy-preserving data protection is both a fundamental right and a force multiplier for organizations. Building an open, collaborative community is core to making this vision a reality.

The Virtru Developer Hub aims to make privacy-preserving data protection accessible and impactful by providing developers with turn-key, easy-to-integrate SDK, APIs, and key management.

Operating at the Intersection of Security and Privacy

Security compromises are increasingly privacy compromises, with a growing overlap in the area of unauthorized data access. At Virtru, we operate at this nexus of security and privacy to ensure our customers can reap the benefits of protecting against unauthorized data access while fostering data sharing and collaboration.

The intersection of privacy and security.The intersection of privacy and security.

The intersection of privacy and security.

Data protection strategies traditionally focus on locking down data, which comes at a significant cost; organizations fail to reap the benefits of collaboration and data sharing. Modern data protection requires protecting against unauthorized data access - including through compromise, unauthorized third-party sharing, or misconfigured servers and databases - while simultaneously securely sharing and collaborating internally and externally to achieve mission objectives.

By focusing on the intersection of privacy and security, organizations can gain a competitive advantage and garner new insights and innovations through data sharing while advancing both security and privacy. The Virtru Data Protection Platform helps organizations succeed at this intersection of security and privacy by providing flexible and persistent data protection that travels with the data to promote secure data sharing and collaboration.

Read our “Succeeding at the Intersection of Security and Privacy” white paper at IAPP:

The Virtru Difference

With an open data protection ecosystem including the Trusted Data Format, SDK, and APIs, and a focus on ease of use for both developers and end users, Virtru helps organizations protect and share data across environments, applications, and devices.

Secure Collaboration Across Environments

Gain confidence sharing and disseminating data, even in untrusted environments, thanks to TDF protections that travel with the data.

Highly Scalable Security Model

Key management with Attribute-Based Access Controls helps developers build complex applications with fine-grained security settings while maintaining the flexibility to evolve key management policies over time.

Provable Security and Privacy

Audit features provide demonstrable validation that security safeguards were implemented, helping adhere to current and future regulatory requirements.

Open and Customizable Development

Avoid proprietary black boxes and customize data protection solutions with Virtru SDK and APIs.

Learn More about the Virtru Ecosystem

Virtru already helps thousands of organizations protect their most sensitive data. The Virtru SDK helps integrate Virtru protections into customizable applications. The Virtru Data Protection Platform offers additional enterprise benefits. Built-in integrations into GSuite, Office365, and many SaaS applications are available to scale your solutions in any environment through Virtru Hosted, Hybrid, and On-Prem deployment models.

Learn more about the flexible deployment models and key management hosting options by contacting us.

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